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School Uniform

Six students wearing their uniform

LM School Uniforms is our new school uniform provider this year.  

Students are required to wear the school uniform which includes an ISF logo top and an ISF logo bottom to school every day. Any of the new uniform items can be worn according to personal preference. There are several options for both boys and girls as you can see from their website. Please note sweaters and sweatshirts must have the school logo as well. Uniforms can be purchased through the website. 


The following uniform policy is in place until the end of this academic year.

The ISF uniform worn by students in the Upper School, Grades 6-10, consists of shirts, sweaters and sweatshirts with the school logo worn over blue trousers, bermuda shorts or skirts, and was adopted to give our students a comfortable but respectful appearance. It is in the spirit of promoting this appearance that we ask our students to adhere to the ISF dress code. Students in Grades 11 and 12 do not have to wear a school uniform, but should always remember to dress respectfully.

The school still expects all students (except grades 11-12) to wear a uniform to school every day. Given the situation described above, the following adjustments are in place:

A. Preferably, students should wear their new ISF uniform items
B. If new uniform items are unavailable, students should wear old ISF uniforms
C. If neither new or old uniform items are unavailable, the students should wear:
                                                               i.      plain blue bottom (pants, skirt, skort, etc)

                                                             ii.      plain blue or white top (Tshirt, long-sleeve shirt, etc).

                                                           iii.      plain blue or white sweater, sweatshirt, hoodie

                                                           iv.      Jacket/coat is at student own discretion

                                                             v.      All items must be plain (simple small logo is ok), with no pictures or excessive language

Personal winter jackets and hats may not be worn inside the school unless it is exceptionally cold, in which case students will be informed through the morning bulletin. (Note during COVID-19 precautions, during colder periods, the need for ventilation in classrooms means that students are permitted to wear warm clothing inside as appropriate). 

There will be occasional non-uniform, themed days. These days will be communicated ahead of time and organized by the Student Councils. 


The old uniform can be worn to school for the next academic year only. The old uniform will no longer be considered acceptable for the 2022-2023 academic year. 

USED UNIFORMS - For those families who have used uniforms that they would like to donate, please drop them off in Reception and they will be recycled.

LM School Uniforms Website

Password: ISF1952

Via Santo Spirito 11 
tel. 055-6282130
9:00 till 18:00 (Mon to Fri)