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ISF Alumni Association

The International School of Florence Alumni Association includes every former student of the School, including those who left ISF prior to graduation. 



The Alumni Association is always happy to see you! If you are ever in Florence, please stop by!
We are here for you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or visit us on campus.

+39 055 2001515

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The most important things I learned while at ISF are the importance of embracing diversity, to always be open minded and caring for others, seeing no color, no gender, and respecting all.Margherita Innocenti, '13

 My first Alumni event since I was at ISF over 4 decades ago! I Hope there are more of these!Leigh Bass '78

Although I certainly did not appreciate it at the time, attending an international school gave me a great foundation for living and working in a multicultural community.Dr. Kevin John O'Connor, '63

ISF represents more than just a school. It is the union of all the people, friends and teachers that have shaped my future and who I am today.Niccolò, '19

Beside the powerful exposure to other nationalities, languages and cultures, ISF also offered a nurturing environment that gave me a lot of the quiet confidence I still keep with me today. Elettra, '01

ISF is capable of making every student realize their potential and discover a part of who they are. Lara, '16

ISF taught me the importance of balancing work and social life, which is essential for a successful and healthy life. Maria Sole, '20


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