Why Give to ISF

A Visionary Partnership

Private philanthropy has always played a decisive role in the ongoing success of the International School of Florence. At every critical junction of the School’s history, parents, alumni and friends have ‘stepped up to the plate’, giving generously of their resources, time and talents. From the acquisition of the Villa le Tavernule in 1980 to the recent addition of new Secondary School facilities, the growth and development of ISF has always hinged on the participation of an extended network of friends and supporters.

People who give to ISF understand the vital and transforming influence that the School plays in the life of the young scholars who are lucky enough to attend. Our benefactors are committed to ensuring the presence of a world-class, English-language curriculum in Tuscany. They hold the School accountable to exacting standards of academic excellence, and are confident that their gifts will be used wisely and well. They are motivated by the vision of a world made better through the civilizing influence that only education can bring.

On the more ‘practical’ side, gifts to the International School can yield significant tax benefits. Incorporated in Delaware as “American Schools Abroad” – a 501c(3) non-profit organization – all donations to the School may be claimed as charitable donations for US tax purposes. Depending upon the type of gift, you may also be able to realize some or all of the following benefits:

  • Reduce or eliminate taxes on capital gains;
  • Convert low-yielding assets to a higher income stream;
  • Provide life-long income for yourself or another beneficiary;
  • Eliminate or reduce federal estate taxes;
  • Supply additional retirement income;
  • Pass assets to heirs with a minimum of transfer taxes;
  • Furnish critical long-term support for ISF.