Student Life at ISF

What is it like being a student at ISF?

Aaliyah - Grade 7 (British)

ISF is an incredible school. The diversity of the school has educated me about about different cultures, languages and experiences that I never thought I would be able to learn about. The whole school community, the teachers and the students, are all so kind and welcome you immediately.

Weronika - Grade 10 (Polish)

ISF is an amazing school. The students are very welcoming and the staff are unique and supportive. ISF is filled with many opportunities whether that is sports, music or academic and social interests. Ever since I came, I fell in love with Florence, the Italian culture and language. The school is so diverse filled with people from all over the world from various interesting cultural backgrounds, there is a place for everyone at ISF!

Juliet - Grade 7 (American)

Being at ISF is such a unique and amazing experience. While I have been at ISF, I have made so many friends from all over the world. I have been exposed to different cultures and languages. Not only is the education strong at ISF, but the community is even stronger. Everyone is so welcoming and inclusive to new students, even when they don’t even speak the same languages! The location of the school is incredible. While in class, you can look outside and see the beautiful green, Tuscan landscape. Overall, the experience is one of a kind.

Being at ISF is a great experience. Coming from a much larger school, it’s very nice to attend a school where everyone knows each other. The teachers are very open to helping students with any questions they might have. The school itself is a very close knit community and everyone in it is super nice. Another plus is the amazing campus where we get to attend school. 

Being a student at ISF means being able to interact with people of different cultures and backgrounds – it’s like being in a family where we all learn from each other. With such supportive staff and creative atmosphere, us students are able to express ourselves with the utmost freedom.

Being a student at ISF is, more than anything, FUN! It’s really nice and I just love it.  We learn a lot of different things every day and we are always active outside and inside. We have a humongous playground and lots of room to run around and play.  Another thing that makes it fun is that we meet friends from all over the world.

Life at ISF is very exciting because you are always meeting new teachers and students, and that is very fun.  Sometimes I am shy but I am also very excited to come to school every morning.  What I like most is art class because this is a beautiful school to do art because you can look at the scenery around us.

Life at ISF is really special.  I love the beautiful open space and I feel really free and comforted because of my friends.  You also learn different things like art, computers, and music.  My friends really support me with everything and I think they care about me.  I have friends from America, China, Spain, London and all over the world.  I think it is important to have friends everywhere because if you are a scientist they can do research for you.

Being a student at ISF is incredible because it is a place where, while learning, you have lots of fun.  You see amazing things and you feel amazing things here…you just feel free! For me, where we are in this location is very unique.  All of the friends you make are amazing because there are people from all cultures and all over the world.