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Parent Association

The International School of Florence Parent Association supports the educational goals and strategic vision of the school by partnering with faculty, students and others in the community to plan events, to facilitate communication, and to provide a welcoming social environment for all members of the community.

We are a group of enthusiastic parents from different nationalities, crossing over many language barriers, with many skills and talents, who plan and assist with events that include our annual field day, career forum, autumn bazaar, new family welcome breakfast, fundraising gala, and the festival of song. 

Everyone is welcome! The ISF PA requires no initiation – being a parent automatically qualifies you as a member.  We anticipate helping one another to discover this beautiful city we all share through the ties of our children.  We all volunteer our time when possible, for the same vested interest.  Being connected to the school through the PA offers children and fellow parents the unique opportunity to grow within their own community.

All parents and/or guardians of students enrolled at ISF are invited to participate in the PA, within four key areas of volunteerism:


The leadership team consists of 6 - 8 members that together are responsible for the following:

  • Define calendar of initiatives and organize monthly meetings
  • Liaise with the school Senior Leadership Team and parent community
  • Create communications and manage a budget for the PA
  • Support Grade Coordinators and Event Coordinators (see below)

Members are elected by PA attendees at the final meeting in June for the next upcoming school year.  Any parent is eligible and there is a term limit of 4 consecutive years in the same role. 

  • 2- 3 Junior School Leaders
  • 2- 3 Upper School Leaders
  • 1 Secretary / Communications
  • 1 Treasurer

There is opportunity for 2 - 3 parents per grade to act as parent representatives for their children's grades. 

  • Build a sense of community within the grade/class
  • Assist new families and welcome them to the school
  • Manage grade communications
  • Meet with teachers to support upcoming activities as needed 
  • Plan and organize at least one event for the grade during the school year
  • Encourage parent attendance and participation in school activities 
  • Attend PA meetings to represent the grade/class

For each PA community event and Student Council supporting events, 2 parent volunteers are needed to lead the planning and execution of the event.

  • Define event theme, activities, logistics, etc
  • Build a team of parent volunteers to assist with implementation 
  • Coordinate with school faculty and staff
  • Attend relevant PA meetings to provide updates on the event
GENERAL SUPPORT Parents who would like to volunteer their time/skills or donate items for a specific event/initiative are also encouraged to sign up and participate.
The Parent Association posing for a picture in the parking lot with their Halloween costumes.
The Parent Association gather for a photo around the turkey before carving.
The Parent Association gathers for a photo at the Junior School with their Halloween costumes.

Gala 2024

Gala 2023

Upper School Leaders

Jenny Crowley, Alicia Navarro, Cristina Bini,  Melina Caicedo

Junior School Leaders

Stefania Besançon, Nora Dearden, Senka Daniels, Natalia Andreicheva


Natalia Andreicheva


Nora Dearden

US PA Admin Liaison

Tanya Bruckner –

JS PA Admin Liaison 

Franco Perrota –