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A white surgical mask lays on a blue background.

Please Note:

  • At the moment surgical masks are not mandatory for neither staff members or students.
  • FFP2 masks will be made available for all school personnel and/or students that are considered high risk individuals.
  • No masks are mandatory during PE lessons.
  • Masks and Green Pass checking are not mandatory for  events anymore.
  • Field trips, residential visits and overnight trips are allowed.

The ISF COVID-19 task force has worked together to produce the Safety Protocol for the school year 2022-2023. It is enforced starting September 1st, 2022 and will remain in force until new provisions are published.

Our aim is to guarantee that the school is a safe environment for students, staff and our community, with this in mind the protocol has been developed and published to take into account the Governmental regulations, the evolving COVID-19 situation in Italy, in Tuscany as well as specific conditions pertaining to ISF. It relies also on the agreement made by the MIUR and the Unions at National level and on the paperwork produced by the government's own scientific advisory council.

This must be considered a general guideline and a living document as new regulations set by the Italian government are put in place immediately and shared with the community. The most updated information can be found in the various sections of the website.

The school community is asked to follow the basic safety tips recognised worldwide and not to come on campus showing if any COVID-19 related symptoms arise (cold, flu, respiratory infection, fever above 37.5°, cough).

Thanks to the high vaccination coverage during 2022, the impact on health facilities has been limited, even though there have been highly contagious Covid variants such as Omicron. Based on the available evidence and on the epidemiological situation the main objective is to guarantee school continuity on campus and avoid as much as possible the interruption of school activities. This is why, for the beginning of the 2022-23 school year, Italian Guidelines have established different rules and restrictions based on how the pandemic is going to evolve.

What happens when there is a positive case in a class?

As of now, following the latest decree, no quarantine is required for confirmed close contact cases. However, it is necessary to wear an FFP2 mask when exposed to a confirmed positive case. 



Sofia GoriSchool Nurse and COVID-19 Coordinator 
Filippo BoscoloSchool Nurse and COVID-19 Coordinator Support 


The ISF COVID-19 Task Force (Commissione COVID-19) is composed of:

Sharyn Baddeley (Head of School)
Carlo Baistrocchi (RSPP)
Mario Migliolo (School Doctor)
Ylenia De Rossi (Facilities Manager)
Sofia Gori (School Nurse and COVID-19 Coordinator)
Filippo Boscolo (School Nurse and COVID-19 Coordinator Support)
Michael Landolfa (RLS: Workers’ Safety Representative)
Carla Benedetti (RSA: Workers’ Union Representative)


Latest Decrees for Schools

05/10/2023- Latest  Ministry of Health Decree