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Exciting News for Filmmaking Enthusiasts at ISF!

Exciting News for Filmmaking Enthusiasts at ISF!

This week, two esteemed professors from the renowned New York Film Academy (NYFA), Florence Campus, graced our Filmmaking Club with their expertise. It was a great session where our students delved into the world of film, gaining invaluable insights and experiences.

During the session, our talented students had the privilege of learning about NYFA's prestigious film programs and getting firsthand knowledge from industry professionals. Moreover, they received constructive feedback on their projects, refining their skills under the guidance of experts who know the ins and outs of the industry.

At ISF, we're thrilled to announce the exciting partnership we've forged with NYFA. This collaboration opens doors to endless possibilities for our students, offering them unparalleled opportunities to expand their horizons in the world of cinema. Stay tuned as we unveil future collaborative ventures, ensuring our students continue to thrive and excel in their creative endeavors.

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