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Middle School

The Middle School Program at ISF provides a framework for academic challenge and social/emotional development for students aged 11 – 14 years. Subjects are taught as distinct areas, with interdisciplinary exploration and learning beyond the classroom woven into the school year. Students explore the arts through Music, Visual Arts and Theater classes, and expand their information and digital literacy through the integration of research skills and technology in the classroom. Wellbeing is supported through weekly small group meetings, as well as Physical Education and Health. All students study three languages throughout Middle School, according to their language levels and preferences. Italian national students may choose to follow the Italian ministerial program, studying History, Geography and Mathematics in Italian, in preparation for a culminating external exam.

Italian Program

The Italian Program is a national program that leads to the externally administered Italian Government Licenza Media exam in Grade 8. The program is designed for native Italian students and follows the requirements of the Italian public school. Students take courses of Italian, History, Geography and Mathematics in Italian.

Learning Services

ISF aims to be an inclusive learning environment. Students with diagnosed learning needs are supported in their learning by one of our Learning Services Facilitators. Students may work in one-on-one settings, small groups or with guided accommodations. The goal of our Learning Services Program is to provide students with the tools and strategies they need to find success in our programs.

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

The English as an Additional Language program supports young English language learners by supporting their understanding of classroom activities and procedures, as well as their participation in the day to day work of the class.  In a pull-out or push-in model, students receive specific instruction in English through the introduction of core vocabulary, development of listening skills, differentiated reading comprehension and a focus on communication.