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Creative Arts

The Arts can delight, entertain, instruct, provoke and transform, challenging our view of ourselves and the world.

As creators and doers, engaging in the Arts encourages students to be critical thinkers and look at the world from different perspectives. Artists seek to develop empathy, sensitivity and an awareness of how to communicate through their chosen medium. We aim to inspire and motivate students to explore the ever changing language of the Arts, equipping students with a skills base that allows them to express and share ideas in new and interesting ways in an International environment. We also hope to support young people on their chosen career path, encouraging them to go out into the world with confidence in their creative ideas, able to communicate with others in a transformative and compassionate way that promotes well-being and empowers them to be change makers of the future.

Our Creativity + Innovation Programs

A diagonal view of students working on the Street Art mural in the Aula Magna at the Upper School.

Street Art Project

68 ISF students worked with street artist, EXIT ENTER and VIK, to transform the walls of the Aula Magna into a visual feast of students' relationship to Florence in signs and symbols. The mural is truly magnificent and makes the work environment such a happy, creative space. 

A special thank you to VIK: Very Important Kids for their partnership  and for leading the whole project which included running workshops with our students, preparing and delivering  lectures about street art and assisting our students every day.

Students gather in the cortile of the Strozzi Museum while the instructor gives them information.

Strozzi: Art Fridays

The Strozzi Project is a special extracurricular activity offered exclusively to the upper grades and involves student participation off-campus at the Palazzo Strozzi. Students are involved in training sessions aimed to develop confidence in their public speaking skills as well as their knowledge and understanding of the visual arts and artists. Students also develop their ability to help others connect with the deeper meaning and purposes of art, all with special access to the museum and their current exhibitions. 

Cantabile Choir

The ISF Cantabile is a representative school choir. Its mission is to inspire through music. It is a choral program for voice-gifted students at ISF who wish to receive training in the art of singing. Students who pass the audition will develop their vocal talents with other students, and benefits from learning the importance of self-control and self-mastery, teamwork, community spirit, analytical thinking, confidence, focus and discipline, as well as cultural awareness through exposure to attentively selected musical repertoire.