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College Counseling

Rhonda Carr

Rhonda Carr is the School Counselor at ISF Upper School. She assists students with both their college counseling and social-emotional needs. Her years of experience as a teacher, psychotherapist, college counselor and yoga instructor allows her to provide students and their parents with a variety of services in order to meet their academic goals and achieve their highest potential.

Please Note: Dates for Events and Activities are tentative and vary from year to year depending on current needs and availability of resources.

Counseling Events/Activities

Introduction to Career Program

The counseling department at ISF provides professional academic advice enabling students to succeed in high school, plan for their university and move forward into their future. Through our College and Career program, ISF students are guided, counseled and encouraged throughout the process with the goal of having each student develop a post high school plan. 

The Mission Statement

As student advocates, International School Counselors assist students in discovering themselves, their passions, and directions in life. Counselors collaborate with students, staff, and parents to maximize each student’s potential through the delivery of a developmentally and culturally appropriate program that is comprehensive, balanced, and conducive to academic, social/emotional, and career growth.

Beliefs Statements

● We believe that every student has the right to have a caring adult advocate in the school.
● We believe in fostering the development of the whole child.
● We believe in celebrating diversity and supporting our students’ personal and cultural identity.
● We believe our role is to model and inspire a healthy well-balanced lifestyle that includes self-confidence and joy.
● We believe that all students can be successful when provided support appropriate to their individual needs.

 My son, had an excellent experience working with the ISF college counselling programme. Miss Carr guided him when looking for universities abroad, advised him on the application process for the different systems.Stefano (Parent )

Everything was wonderful because I was not only part of a school system but felt part of a community, ISF always did its best to support us every step of the wayLivia '23

 I found that the constant checking and reminders helped me out a lot, and the workshops helpful to get ideas at college.Edoardo 23'

I want to say that ISF has not only taught me valuable skills, but also instilled in me a sense of purpose and social responsibility

Giorgio Cecchini 23'

Miss Carr is one of the nicest people I have ever met. She is extremely qualified and working with her makes the whole looking for college experience very simple but effectiveRiccardo 23'

The college counseling program at ISF offers students invaluable support, resources, and guidance as they navigate the complex process of applying to college. Vinayak 23'

 The program helps students highlight their unique qualities and accomplishments, effectively showcasing their potential to college admissions officers.Alex 23'