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Florence Model United Nations(FloMUN)

FloMUN , Florence Model United Nations IS BACK!

In 2024, we have a brand new team led by 11th grader Liam working alongside nine more wonderful students in collaboration with FloMUN Coordinator Ms. Brown. The team is inspired and ready to make FloMUN bigger and better than ever before.

What is MUN? 

The Model United Nations (MUN) experience presents students with a superb opportunity to engage with young people from across Europe in passionate, informed debate about the most urgent issues facing humanity. Students will research important real-world topics and seek out unique approaches to solving global problems. This simulation of the real United Nations encourages delegates to examine ideas that challenge their own, and to enjoy the complexity of multiple perspectives. 

Through MUN, students will increasingly make connections between what they are doing both “outside the classroom" and within their subject area studies. Students who engage in MUN invariably come to understand that diplomacy requires a spirit of compromise and that we, as humans, are here for the sake of each other. In this way, it can be said that MUN is a transformational experience. 

Our upcoming event, FloMUN, is  only a couple months away, taking place from March 22nd-24th, 2024. This year we are welcoming schools from around Italy and beyond. FloMUN is a burgeoning conference, as we have doubled in size every year since our inception. 2024’s team is very dedicated and working cohesively, making innovative improvements to FloMUN 2024 based on feedback received, to ensure that this is the biggest and best conference yet. 

Our SG and DG are the heart and soul of this event, working closely with Coordinator Ms. Amanda Korsell Brown, to oversee and organize the entire event and each of the various components. The SG and DG also coordinate the roles and tasks of the other members of the Secretariat to ensure everything is handled efficiently. All details and further information about FloMUN can be found on the FloMUN website see below. 

FloMUN Website  

Student Leadership Team

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