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Junior School Extracurricular Activities (ECAs)

At ISF, we are committed to educating the whole person. A wide array of extracurricular opportunities is offered as a complimentary service to students from Foundation to Grade 5.  Through the ISF Junior School ECA program the children are provided with the chance to try new things, develop their individual interests and discover their passions.  Qualified professionals are sourced out from the community and brought in to offer a variety of after school activities which encourage creativity and promote curiosity and self-expression. Students who choose to participate in the ECA program, rotate on a weekly basis through a list of 10 activities thus participating in a variety of fun pursuits, including those they may not  have an affinity for.   Whether they are honing their public speaking skills, throwing clay or perfecting a martial arts routine, our students are always on the move!

Drama Club

Drama is a great way of learning and sustaining social skills. One of its main advantages is that drama is flexible and can be used in different contexts such as professional theatre companies, or at school as a group activity. Drama is a great tool to test our social skills and develop new ones. In our course we will give freedom to creativity and talent but also we will explore some very important skills when we are in a group, such as: sharing, team work, listening skills and non verbal communication.  We will create improv scenes, role play games, movement sessions, fun games and more. 

Visual Arts Club

Bada Bonk is a visual and haptic experience that introduces the children to the world of images that we encounter more and more intensively in our everyday lives. The Makapansgat pebble could be the earliest example of symbolic thinking or aesthetic sense in human heritage. Our artistic journey through time begins 3 million years ago with the pebble. We will meet painters, photographers, object and graphic artists. We will visit the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich, meet the Cubists in Paris, Pop Artists in the United States and finally the young and shrill art scene in Asia. The children will create images with found objects.  These evanescent artworks will be preserved by the use of photography.


Students will be introduced to this wonderful game, of which the main objective is to score points by shooting a ball through a hoop. They will learn about dribbling, passing, shooting as well as defensive and offensive strategies.  This club will be run with a playful competitive spirit. It is a fantastic way to gain strength, coordination and muscular endurance, while simultaneously learning about cooperative team play.

Upper School Extracurricular Activities (ECAs)

At the Upper School, ISF students engage in a plethora of academic and athletic extracurricular activities during their lunch periods as well as after school. We believe in the value of nurturing a student's well-roundedness, and aim to offer activities and opportunities to both entice and challenge our students. Some activities run throughout the year, but many change each term, allowing for a student to try out something new. 

Activities are open to students by grade level, with some activities running across grade levels when possible, and following Covid-related recommendations. Activity leaders are teachers or experts in their field who provide the materials and insights into their chosen discipline and who bring their passion for their ECA directly to the students. Some ECA's are also part of the CAS program (Creativity-Activity-Service), and those activities can provide both hours and experiences for CAS students which is immensely important in the IB Diploma Program. A selection of some of our ECA's follows:

Middle and High School Student Councils

Students participate in a version of student government allowing for student agency and positive change-making. This activity builds school culture, as well as personal character, as students engage in discussion around ways to improve the school. Students are also responsible for organizing dances, spirit days, and other unique and fun diversions for the student body.

MUN (Model United Nations) & THIMUN (The Hague International Model United Nations)

Students in grades 9-10 can participate in Model United Nations, which becomes THIMUN in grade 11. This activity simulates the real United Nations, where students research their country, debate their topics, and compete in international MUN conferences. This activity provides invaluable real world experience in public speaking, networking, and problem solving, among building many other useful skills like communication and teamwork. Students may also participate in ISF's very own MUN event, FloMUN.


This independently organized Ted Event is held every November. Student, parent, and staff speakers give talks on a variety of topics showcasing their own personal stance or insight. In-between speeches, student performers demonstrate their musical talents.

Tuskan Times

The school's newspaper, named for the tusk of the cinghiale, the school mascot, is an annual club taking place after school that is available to high school students. Students writing for the newspaper get their first taste of journalism by hunting down the best stories, engaging inspirational people in interviews, embedding student artwork, and more,


This popular annual club encourages students from all grades to get involved to help put together the school yearbook. Students can regularly be seen on campus asking interview questions or taking photos, organizing polls, and more to help this masterpiece come together.

STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art and Math)

This academic club explores the fun and exciting word where science meets math and more. Utilizing a variety of skills and tools, students learn in a hands-on way to delve deeper into topics such as rocketry, gardening, kitchen chemistry, catapults, reactions, and more!

Rock Choir and Rock Band

Students in certain grades have the opportunity to sing or play in a rock choir or a rock band! These after school activities are both fun and educational, and students learn important lessons in breath support, performing in harmony, and building musicality. 

There are also many athletic offerings, both for fitness as well as competitive sports. Some of these include Soccer, Basketball (seasonal), Volleyball (seasonal), Running, Dance, and more!

JS students during art class
JS students playing chess
Long shot of JS football field
Students writing on paper