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Cantabile Choir

Music plays a vital role in student learning at the International School of Florence, not only does music inspire and uplift spirits, but it allows a medium through which students communicate their emotions and express their feelings.  Ms. Tanja Kustrin, established the ISF Cantabile choir in September 2018 as a way to provide an opportunity for upper elementary and middle school students to develop their singing skills. The 40 singers of the ISF Cantabile Choir made their debut performance at a Gala charity dinner for the  Meyer Children’s hospital at Villa Castelletti 2023.

Tanja Kuštrin is an award winning choral director who inspires both adults and children through her strong belief in the transformative power of music. She currently works as the artistic director of the ISF Cantabile Choir, and as a music specialist at the International School of Florence. She also conducts the Youth and Polyphonic Choir Clara Harmonia in Tuscany.

The ISF Cantabile Choir has been honored to open the independently organized TED event “TEDxYouth@ISF” at the Auditorium al Duomo, in the historical centre of Florence, on November 30th, 2019.

Montecatini festival 2019

Villa Castelletti for the Meyer Foundation Charity Gala Dinner 2018

Ms Tanja Kustrin is the Artistic director of the Cantabile Choir, who always captures the audience with her charismatic direction and inspiring repertoire. Her many successes include two significant choir awards, recordings, collaborations with important musicians and choirs on the international musical scene. She has founded and conducted children's, youth and adult's choirs, sharing her contagious enthusiasm, knowledge and energy.