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Strozzi Project

The Strozzi Project is a special extracurricular activity offered exclusively to the upper grades and involves student participation off-campus at the Palazzo Strozzi. Students are involved in training sessions aimed to develop confidence in their public speaking skills as well as their knowledge and understanding of the visual arts and artists. Students also develop their ability to help others connect with the deeper meaning and purposes of art, all with special access to the museum and their current exhibitions. 

Last year, students worked with the American Art exhibition and were present on opening night to act as student docents to the public visitors. This winter, students are working with the Jeff Koons exhibition, preparing for the event on Friday, January 21, 2022 from 16:00-20:00.

Two figures in front of painting
Student standing in front of poster wall
Three students gather around a painting.

[What surprised me most about participating was] having a whole room of amazing and interesting artworks and being able to enlighten visitors about them.

[What I benefitted most from doing this project was] being confident to talk to strangers about topics I'm very passionate about. I also learned SO much about American Art.

Photo credit: Giulia del Vento