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Latest Decrees + Rules For Schools

Please Note:

  • At the moment surgical masks are not mandatory for neither staff members or students.
  • FFP2 masks will be made available for all school personnel and/or students that are considered high risk individuals.
  • No masks are mandatory during PE lessons.
  • Masks and Green Pass checking are not mandatory for  events anymore.
  • Field trips, residential visits and overnight trips are allowed.

What happens when there is a positive case in a class?

As of now, following the latest decree, no quarantine is required for confirmed close contact cases. However, it is necessary to wear an FFP2 mask when exposed to a confirmed positive case. 

If you have flu symptoms, a fever above 37.5, and/or test positive for COVID-19, DO NOT come to school. 

If a student tests positive, the quarantine period is now 5 days. However, in order to come back to school, you will need to show proof of an official negative test result. This may mean that you need to remain at home longer than the mandatory 5 days in order to test negative.

A white surgical mask lays on a blue background.

Latest Decrees for Schools

05/08/2022 - Updated school reopening plan 2022-2023

31/03/2022 - Updated governmental school plan 2021-2022

24/03/2022 - Green Pass and rules until the end of the school year

08/01/2022 - New quarantine rules for schools from the Ministry of Education and Health

26/11/2021 - Super Green Pass mandatory for all school staff

28/10/2021 - Procedures in case of positive cases in school

01/09/2021 - School Reopening Plan

Official Protocols