Physical Education

The Latin aphorism ‘mens sana in corpore sano’ lies at the heart of our belief about the importance of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. We support this through school-wide athletics and our physical activity curriculum. Our goal is to nurture physical growth and development, while building confidence, self-esteem and leadership qualities, so that students acquire a foundation for lifelong physical activity participation and the tools to enhance their own performance.

ISF vs ISM Tournament

Each year the ISM v ISF Bi annual sports tournament takes place in both Milan or Florence and it proves to be an excellent experience for students from grades 4 and 5. They play a variety of sports/games such as Zoneball, caos tag, unhook, capture the flag, cross country running, soccer, volleyball, Newcombe… An ISF student hosts an ISM student for the duration of the visit and the same ISM student then returns the favour by hosting in the return leg.

Field Day

Field Day 2019

ISF Field Day is one of many highlights on the ISF Athletic calendar. All students from Kindergarten to Grade 11 participate in a range of fun and competitive challenges; both as an individual and as part of a team with the aim of helping their colour gain as many overall points as possible.
Track and Field events including the 100m, long jump and 1500m are run alongside the traditional events such as three legged races, sack races, wheelbarrow races and wheelbarrow races. This combination of challenges celebrates both particpation and athletic prowess.

Past years