Visual Arts

Junior School Art

The Visual Arts Program at ISF provides students with a wide range of opportunities to learn about the arts and through the arts. Children are stimulated to think and to articulate their thoughts in new ways using a vast range of materials, with the school’s picturesque setting providing inspiration for creative exploration.

Students respond to their experiences and engage with historical, social and cultural perspectives through the Units of Inquiry as well as learning techniques and skills that are taught whilst developing attitudes such as empathy and appreciation. Through engaging with the artwork of a wide range of artists, learners are encouraged to develop analytical skills and situate their own creativity within a broader context.

Upper School Art

The Upper School Visual Arts program presents students with an opportunity to not only create, but also to understand the connections between Art, Community, History and culture and its applications in everyday life. Through a variety of teaching approaches, all students are encouraged to develop their creative and critical abilities and to enhance their knowledge, appreciation and enjoyment of Visual Arts. We proudly exhibit our student artwork, which is displayed throughout the campus, during school events and fine arts festivals. All of the Art classes take place in the Art Studio which hosts an open door to our beautiful Tuscan landscape as an added benefit. The IBDP Art Programme enables students to engage in exploration, experimentation and artistic production, as well as independent contextual, visual and critical investigation. At the completion of the program, we host an IBDP Art Show to display the works created by, and celebrate the artistic achievements of our graduating students.

IBDP Art Show

The IBDP Art Show is the culminating event that showcases the artistic efforts of our 12th grade students.  Art works range in media and theme based on the students’ personal investigation over the past two years.  They also have a curatorial rationale to support the exhibit.  The show is open to all parents, students and community members.