Upper School Music

Because of ISF’s unique position in Florence and our strong conviction that musical experience provides tremendous benefits, Music at ISF is at the heart of the school curriculum. With a focus on a variety of high quality musical experiences, students participate in creative general Music classes, where they develop skills in singing, playing classroom instruments, reading music, composing and listening critically.

As well as the classroom program, we encourage students to participate in a variety of music activities after school, including public performances. We believe that fostering excellence in Music contributes to a life-long enjoyment and understanding of what Music is all about.

Music at the Junior School is viewed as an experiential approach to the beauty of sound, beginning with the discovery of voice, and moving into a broad range of musical experiences, including classifying and analyzing sounds, composing, harmonizing, listening, playing instruments, notation and reading music. Listening and performing are viewed as social activities that promote musical skills, creativity, and reflection, as well as social and emotional well-being.

Festival of Song

Each year before the Winter Break, students perform in the Annual Festival of Song a longstanding tradition at our school. All of the Junior School students sing in this annual event, while the Upper School student choir perform for their classmates. The concert allows everyone to join in song and appreciate music together before the holidays. 

Junior School Festival of Song

ISF’s Got Talent

Every year the school hosts an engaging and fun show called: “ISF’s Got Talent.” This event highlights talents that students possess outside of the classroom including: musical performances, acting, dancing, comedy and much more. The ISF community has been enjoying this fantastic night of entertainment for the past several years.