Information Literacy

An essential skill for all learners in today’s world is how to find reliable, useful and interesting information!  We strive to develop every student’s ability to locate, evaluate, reflect on, and apply information in a meaningful way. We aim to stimulate in each student the need to know, a desire to learn and a love of reading. The Information Literacy Program’s Curriculum is designed around the fundamental skills of understanding and usage. ISF students, from Pre-School to Grade 12, understand that the library is a learning center, a productive and enjoyable place at the heart of their learning at school.

Junior School Library:   

Upper School – Onan Family Foundation Library – link

The mission of the Onan Family Foundation Library is to select, acquire, organize, preserve and provide access and guidance to a wide variety of print and non-print materials, which help to fulfill the educational, social, intellectual, and recreational needs of the school’s students. The collections include approximately 10,000 books, 10 periodical subscriptions, and over 500 DVDs for classroom use. A wide range of non-fiction books supports the school curriculum and covers broader areas of interest and reference works as well. The fiction sections contain literary classics as well as current popular reading selections for pre-teens to adults in English, Italian, French and Spanish.

Information Literacy is considered a lifelong learning process through which a student identifies a need or defines a problem, locates and gathers appropriate resources, analyzes, reflects on, and interprets the information, synthesizes and effectively communicates the information to others and evaluates the entire process. Students are taught research skills in orientation sessions, and the librarian collaborates with other faculty throughout the year to ensure that all classes visit the library, to encourage use of a wide range of learning resources and services, across the curriculum.The library also sponsors many activities to motivate literacy incentives and stimulate reading for pleasure. 

Online subscription databases (login information available from the librarian):

*Encyclopedia Britannica

username: isf + surname       password: ISFlorence_IT

(example: isfsmith)


*New York Times Online  (on-campus only)

No username or password


*JSTOR Research Database

username:  isfitaly               password:  gattaia


Search for books in the School Library Catalogues

Junior School 

Middle and High School 

*The Guardian

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*Sweetsearch (reliable search engine)
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