Student Life at ISF

What is it like being a student at ISF?

Carlo - Grade 12 (Italy)

Attending ISF means being part of a community of students who come from all over the world. The school has helped me discover my talents with its supportive teachers who encouraged me to express myself as an individual.

Niki - Grade 11 (Persia, Canada)

When I was younger I used to think that going to school was simply going to be a period of my life. But when I came to ISF, it showed me how a school can become part of your life. ISF is completely different than other schools because it becomes a second home. We are all so close and connected because of how small the environment is. It gives me a great feeling when coming to school – something I actually look forward to.

Kathleen - Grade 9 (China)

Being a student at ISF is very cool because I can talk with different people from different countries. Going to school at ISF has taught me about the Italian culture and its traditions which I have grown to enjoy very much. ISF also offers many sports – my favorite being volleyball.

Nelson - Grade 8 (America/Italy)

Attending ISF means you are a student who is in a community where people are unbiased about where you are from so it is very open minded. Thus, you are given more help and encouragement to pursue what you like. Teachers will always help you with your subjects no matter who are you and what you are going through so that you can succeed.

Chelise - Grade 9 (Panama)

The teachers and students at the school are really nice and supportive. This is my first year at ISF and I was able to fit in very quickly. I used to live in Pisa and moving here to Florence, I found myself being able to do more things – not only in the city but at ISF. I am learning Spanish and I love the Italian culture.

Angelina - Grade 5 (Australia)

It’s great to be a student at ISF because you get to meet and learn with people from all around the world. Also here at ISF, you can be taught by amazing teachers and staff. I also like the school’s location in the countryside.

Nadim - Kindergarten (Jordan/Australia)

I like being a student at ISF because it’s nice since we get to do a lot of things. We get to learn about letters and numbers. Then after, I play with all my friends at recess. We also read stories on the carpet and learn languages. My first language was Arabic but now I am learning English and Italian.

Peter - Grade 2 (Russia)

I came here in Pre-K and I have made friends from all over the world. My best friend is from Italy. Although I already spoke English and Russian, I learned to speak Italian at ISF. My favorite class is ICT because I like using computers to have fun.

Jim - Grade 11 (Taiwan)

Being a student at ISF means having a better education because the school is just the right size for teachers to interact with you and help you in any way they can. I love going to school in Florence because it is a beautiful city and the location of the campus has the typical Tuscan views that leave you mesmerized.