11th and 12th Grade / CAS Programme

CAS, Creativity, Activity and Service, is one of 3 essential elements in every student’s Diploma Programme. CAS enables students to enhance their personal and interpersonal learning through experiential learning while counterbalancing their academic programme. Every student will have different goals and will approach the CAS activities differently.

9th and 10th Grade / Pre-CAS
The purpose of the 9th and 10th grade Pre-CAS is to encourage and enable you to learn by doing hands-on tasks that have real consequences for the community, and then reflecting on these experiences over time. Pre-CAS serves as training for the more challenging CAS requirement that you will need to complete in 11th and 12th grades.
As you carry out Pre-CAS work, you should not simply be thinking of it as “accumulating hours” or “scoring points”. You should find your activities interesting, worthwhile, and beneficial to yourself and the community.
You are NOT fulfilling the purpose of Pre-CAS if you are:                      
            Playing a passive role while doing your activity.
            Accepting money for the activity that you do.
            Helping a member of your family.
            Doing an activity without a leader or responsible adult to evaluate you.
You need to complete a minimum of 35 hours of service in 9th grade, and a minimum of 35 hours of service in 10th grade. All service ideas must be discussed with Mr. Dean prior to beginning the activity. All authorized service must be logged in your journal and signed by a leader or responsible adult with the number of hours. Your journal must be turned in to Mr. Dean at the end of each trimester.
 If you do not turn in your journal, you have not fulfilled the 35 hour requirement.
Pre-CAS gives the opportunity to break down some of the barriers between us and our host community, and, above all, the chance to serve others less fortunate than ourselves. You may wish to volunteer your services in a home for the elderly, or for disabled children, fundraising for Corri La Vita, participate to Angelo per un Giorno or join a group of students in cleaning up the city with Angeli del Bello. You can be actively involved with international service organizations such as UNICEF, WWF, Amnesty International, Green Peace, etc. There are many options for you to do your part in the community.
You may also create your own Pre-CAS project, so long as it has been approved by Mrs. Vieillard, and can be evaluated.