IBDP Exam Results – Class of 2019

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IB Results: Congratulations to the Class of 2019!

The May 2019 IB results brought excellent news to ISF and gave us a reason to be proud of our graduating class of 2019.

We had 40 students sit the full IB Diploma in May this year and 39 of them were successful.

The world average in term of points score is around 30, so it is very exciting that our students’ average is 34.75! Furthermore our pass rate for the year is 97.5%, while the world average is usually about 79%!

In terms of high scores, one member of the class achieved an unbelievable score of 44 points and 4 students scored 39 points or more.

We would like to congratulate the graduates of 2019 and wish them the very best for their academic and professional careers! We will provide further details in September, including university acceptance news.

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