Bianca Berni

Bianca Berni (Class of 2016) is currently attending the University of Pisa with a major in French and English language and literature.

· What years did you attend ISF?
From 9th grade to 12th grade. I arrived at ISF in 2012 and I graduated in 2016.

· What university did you attend? And your major?
I’m attending the University of Pisa. My major is in French and English language and literature.

· What is your nationality?
I am Italian.

· Where do you live now?
I still live here in Italy.

·  How did ISF impact your life?
ISF changed my life completely.
Here, I got to know some friends that I believe I will never forget… hopefully also because we will keep in touch!
Here, I learnt that studying can be fun and exciting, that challenges are stimulating and that failure is just the starting point to improve. I realized how essential collaboration is, both among students and with teachers.
Here, I learnt that social work enriches a student in a way one cannot imagine if not by actually doing it oneself.
I also learnt about humility, because there were times in which I had the chance to help others, but there were also times in which I was the one in need. ISF gifted me with teachers who were always there for me, who loved their job and who taught me how to believe in myself and not only how to perform well in their classes. It gave me the chance to improve every day and to appreciate in depth what I was learning.
But for me, ISF was also Mr. Cook’s funny ties, Tessa’s “you’re late” at 8:15:01, Mr. Wood’s English accent and subtle jokes, Ms. Williams’ good mornings on the stairs, Ms. Millenaar’s brief contemporary history discussions the first five minutes of class, and much more… in a certain way it was a second home, which I thank and which I will miss for sure.

·   Who was your favorite teacher? Why?
It is very hard to choose one favorite teacher… but I think that I would choose Ms. Chiaravalli. She taught me Italian literature and thanks to the passion that she put in her teaching, she made me truly love literature. This also helped me to know myself better as a person, and this is also why I chose a major in literature.

·   Describe ISF in one word.

·  What is your greatest accomplishment?
I feel that the greatest accomplishments that ISF allowed me to achieve have a lot to do with the person that I’ve become. The teachers, all my friends, the classes I took, the teaching method and ISF’s environment itself helped me to understand and strengthen both my personality and my skills as a student.