Admissions Criteria

Academic Aptitude

An important factor in admissions is a student’s readiness for a challenging academic program. To this end, past report cards, teacher recommendations, and, for Upper School Students, assessment testing help to determine whether ISF is the most appropriate place for a prospective student. The student’s level of English proficiency is also considered.


Priority is given to students who do not have local educational alternatives. These students often relocate due to the professional needs of families working for corporations or organizations with a long-standing history at ISF. A limited number of spaces are held, through mid-summer, to accommodate unanticipated transfers.


Priority may be given to specific nationalities within the student body to maintain an appropriate balance, in keeping with ISF’s goal of supporting internationalism.

Families with Multiple Children

Families with multiple siblings, at one or both campuses, may be given priority.

One Semester/Trimester Applicants

One year applicants may be given preference over one semester/trimester applicants when space is limited.

Early Childhood Entry Age (Early Years 1 – Foundation)

The cut-off date for children entering Early Years 1 is three years old by October 1st, four years old by October 1st for entry into the Early Years 2 and five years old by October 1st for students entering Foundation.

Learning Support/Special Needs Students

The Learning Support Program is designed only for students with mild to moderate learning needs.

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