Mission Statement

A laboratory for learning where we collaborate to add meaning to a shared future.

Guiding Principles

The International School of Florence is committed to:

Providing a safe and healthy school environment.

Encouraging intellectual curiosity, critical thinking and enthusiasm for learning as a lifelong pursuit.

Enabling students to realize their highest potential.

Providing students with depth and breadth of knowledge, understanding and skills in a broad range of academic subjects.

Building confidence, self-esteem and leadership through curricularand extracurricular activities, including athletics, the arts and community service programs.

Upholding appropriate standards for personal behavior.

Nurturing intellectual, social and physical growth while identifying and meeting each student’s developmental needs.

Recognizing creative expression and promoting an appreciation of beauty.

Developing positive moral and social values for personal fulfilment and for the good of the community.

Fostering understanding and respect for diverse cultures and the differences between them.

Encouraging appreciation of each student’s heritage.

Promoting competence in English and in at least one other language.

Continuing to attract and retain exceptional staff.

Ensuring financial sustainability into the future.